Our Process

Our Efficient Process


Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. has worked on commercial roofing projects for school districts, churches, and manufacturing companies for over 20 years. We understand your budget can be limited at times and you need a roofing contractor that can offer competitive pricing and prompt service.

We have worked hard at innovating our process and operations to maintain a competitive cost position for roof installations compared to many of our competitors. One of the highest cost components of a commercial roofing system is labor. We are committed to achieving and maintaining operational excellence through controlling our costs and practicing innovative methods for installing commercial and residential roofing systems. We use the latest in estimating design, roof maintenance, and project management software to make sure your roof is installed correctly.

We pride ourselves on our job setup and project execution by managing equipment and labor operation. This allows us to provide you with a high level of service at a competitive price. We also exercise Value Engineering to help reduce wasted design. We are committed to making sure that you get the right product at a fair price.

We continue our education in commercial roofing techniques and technologies to make sure you get the best possible roof system for your money. This commitment leads to better project value, lower costs, and increased life-cycle cost for our customers. 

Valued Engineering

Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal Co provides Valued Engineering to our commercial roofing customers. Valued Engineering maintains and increases the value while decreasing or maintaining the cost to you. Some examples include maintaining warranty while decreasing costs, increasing the life cycle of the product, making improvements to safety in a design, or reducing the construction project impact by lessening the time allotted for the project itself. Valued Engineering combines the most important characteristics deemed by the customer.

Using Valued Engineering for commercial roofing systems gives your contractor the incentive to offer a contract or contract modifications that can reduce costs without reducing the performance of your product. We believe in providing you with the best product available by top roofing suppliers at a competitive price. 


Get yearly or on-request inspections from Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. A qualified inspector will give you a comprehensive roof inspection. Every roof we inspect is cored, photographed, and a report is generated that notes any deficiencies which are identified on a corresponding roof plan. We can also provide Auto CAD drawings and details as a convenience to you.

We utilized digital photos and thermal imaging to detect moisture and any deck corrosion. This type of inspection in noninvasive and nondestructive and it can be used to determine your repair or replacement options along with identifying potential lead areas.

Our commercial roofing technicians are trained and certified. They can analyze core compositions, determine inadequate or adequate drainage, evaluate flashing heights, and test for roof materials containing asbestos. Whether it is for future budgeting, annual inspection, roof replacement costs or repairs, we can provide any roof analysis you need. We have over 30 years of commercial roofing experience and are always ready to help with any new roof construction or commercial roof repair you need.
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