EPDM Commercial Roofing Systems

The Most Frequently Used Commercial Roofing System

Every year EPDM accounts for over 1 billion square feet of new commercial roofs in the US and the most frequently used roofing system in the commercial roofing marketplace. 

Based on ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, a synthetic, cured, black rubber compound, EPDM commercial roofing systems provide outstanding weathering characteristics. EPDM is a thermoset membrane that recaptures its shape after stretching and maintains its physical properties for decades. It is manufactured in large sheets that vary in width ranging from 10 to 50 feet and it comes in length up to 200 feet. The membrane can be reinforced and comes in thickness of 45, 60, 75, and 90 mils (thousandths of an inch).

The Best Value

Installation costs vary from system to system and from building to building. However, EPDM roofing systems offer the best economic value in the low-slope commercial roofing industry. 

EPDM roofing systems can be installed in a variety of ways, including fully adhered, rock ballasted, and mechanically attached to meet the needs of specific buildings. Warranties are available up to 30 years for specific EPDM systems. EPDM is proven to have the roofing industry's longest average service life with 40 years of empirical experience in field applications.

Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal Co has over 30 years of commercial roofing experience and we are your solution for any new roof construction or commercial roof repair you need. We are always ready to help.
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EPDM Characteristics

  • Cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • Proven hail resistance
  • High resistance to ozone, weathering, and abrasion
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • Lack of odor or fumes during installation
  • Low maintenance and easy to repair
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